Motivate yourself with Pinterest

Today I’m going to share with you a little tool I use to motivate myself to go to bed on time in the evening, as well as getting up early in the morning.



As with all things on earth, Pinterest can be used for purposes of endless procrastination, zombying out, addictive mindlessness or other crappy habits.

On the other hand, I also found a very promising use of the medium:

Creating Motivational Moodboards!

I’ve created a “Time to go to bed” moodboard and a “Morning Moodboard” on Pinterest.
In this post I will highlight a few of the pictures I’ve ‘pinned’ and why.

This slogan is the best motivator for me to go to bed on time. It’s the opposite of what I’m inclined to do. My habitual self keeps thinking that burning the candle at both ends works better, but when I think about the benefits of hitting the sack on a decent hour, I must admit they are pretty impressive:

  • feeling rested
  • feeling fit
  • not feeling guilty and groggy
  • accomplishing more each day
  • be more productive and positive

Nothing so luxurious and relaxing at the end of the day as to read a book in a freshly made bed…

I’d like to add that reading and then sleeping with my dog at my feet is also an attractive and sweet thought.

Fresh, clean sheets and a tidy bedroom (well aired and a little chilly) are indispensable as well.

Final tip:

Make your own moodboard on Pinterest for whatever you’d like to motivate yourself for:

  • losing weight
  • be a positive and loving person
  • becoming a good cook
  • meditating
  • establishing a dream
  • writing every day
  • reading every day

The possibilities are endless!

You could also print a few of your pictures and frame them or tape them to your wall with pretty Japanese masking tape. If you’re very crafty you could even make an online photocollage and have it printed.

Next post I will share with you some pictures of my Pinterest “Morning moodboard”; keep posted!

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