My silent room


Here I am, aspiring little benedictine monk.
Today is the first day since I took on my new job that I took the time to sit in my silent room and be….silent. I have been praying, but not here. Having a sacred: set aside place to go and refuel is different though.

I thought I’d take you on a guided tour today.
The above picture is the one of my little ‘altar’, with things and pictures that matter to me and of course Scripture and a candle to remind me of the Spirit leading me, not me being in charge.

The modern icon of Jesus on the left hand side is by Russian artist Natalka Satsyk.

In front of it all is my kneeling bench, which I got at Stichting De Spil at my silent retreat.


On the other side of my room is a comfy chair for reading, listening to sermons on my laptop, drinking my coffee and watching the morning sky.
My laptop and coffee rest on an authentic church kneeling chair I luckily got at a second hand store.


Finally I want to show you my banana leaf ikea side table for spiritual literature and matching banana leaf devotional scripture cards holder.
The cards were a sweet gift from my friend Clare in South Africa.


I feel blessed today and realize that silence is food for the soul in this impulse-driven world.
Blessings on you too.

3 thoughts on “My silent room

  1. Hi Ester,
    Thanks for sharing your impression with pics of your new silent room. Nice to have a look in your special place for prayer and meditation. A quiet place where you can practice being in His presence, any time you want or need it. I’ve noticed difference in decoration/style. But some of the essential parts looks the same.

    Here’s a short impression of my special place. For prayer and meditation in the first place, but also for reading a good book, relaxing and listening. Could be lectures (mp3 recordings) from conferences, music from composers like Arvo Pärt or Erik Satie, songs from Taizé, or one of my favourite piano pieces played by Ludovico Einaudi.

    A small ‘altar’; a cross, candle, icon, and some ‘special’ rocks (collected in California). I’m bending my knees daily on a very old, original prayer carpet from Iran.

    Also a collection of spiritual books and music. Piece of ‘art’ made by myself, silence retreat in The Spil , december 2010. The ‘bible standard’ is a gift from my daughter, she brought it from the ‘oilstate’ Oman, where they use it for the Koran [;-)]

    Have a nice weekend! Peace and blessings,
    ‘Despair is a Choice’

    p.s. Couldn’t add these pics with a reply on ‘the benedict project’. Don’t know if that’s possible. But if you like to use these pics in your project, feel free [;-)]

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