40 Day Devotional: Day 40: A new beginning


Today is called Ashwednesday in Christian faith, because believers go to church to receive a cross of ash on their forehead.* This ritual stands for repentance, purification and new beginnings.

To reflect on:
What things in your life, your behavior or character do you want to turn away from and be open to a new beginning?

* The ash is obtained from the Palm Sunday palm leaves from the year before, being ceremonially burnt the day before Ashwednesday. Believers take their palm leaf to church with them. The burning ritual points at God’s purification and cleansing of the souls during Lent.

4 thoughts on “40 Day Devotional: Day 40: A new beginning

  1. Ash Wednesday is celebrated in the Catholic Faith…most Christians from other denominations do not participate in this ritual. I believe everyday is a good day to reflect and repent, but I do use this day as a day to bring me back to those traditions that keep me grounded in my Christian Faith.

    1. Thank you Mary for your addition. I was happy to receive the ash cross yesterday. I am now at a retreat in a catholic monastery. Blessings on your Lenten journey!

      1. Praying that your retreat will be will be filled with peace. Growing closer to Our Heavenly Father is such a blessing. May Our Lord continue to keep you in perfect peace. Mary

      2. Thank you so much Mary! I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt very close to Jesus (and my unborn baby girl!). I might post more in depth about my retreat experience soon. Blessings!

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