40 Day Devotional: Day 37: Creativity


During this time of Lent, I’m already reaping the fruits of spending less time on social media than I did before.
Above is a watercolor painting I painted during my retreat. I just asked myself the question: what would the little Ester like to paint now? The answer was: ‘Happy birds in bright colors!’
And so I did.
I feel really happy when I’m creating: painting writing, taking pictures etc., because
a) I’m wired that way
b) My God is a very creative God! He made everything out of nothing. The ultimate creative act! And I believe I am made in His likeness.

#true images via Pinterest

To think about
What kind of creative activities did you love as a child?
Maybe it’s time to pick it up again!
Shut down your computer and make some art 😉

Via pinterest

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