40 Day Devotional: Day 32: Giving

ImageGiving makes my heart sing

Giving a smile, giving time, giving attention, giving compliments, giving a thoughtful gift, giving lovely words. It can be a drop of positivity and love in the big ocean of this sick, cruel and fallen world (just listen to the 8 o’clock news to know the latter is true).


If you want to buy a nice gift for someone in this period of Lent, why not support handmade artists and small shops and even better: products that share part of their profit with charity.

Today I bought a lovely hand crocheted stuffed rabbit named Sofie from a lovely Dutch webshop founded by 3 sisters and their mother: Okkadootjes, who donate half the money to a charity called Mercy Ships

Isn’t she cute?! 🙂 this rabbit makes me smile!

by http://www.okkadootjes.webklik.nl

For my American readers: A very sweet initiative by Lauren Rowe who knits coffee cup cozies for different charities and sells them via Etsy.

Just a nice practical way of double gift giving.

And triple, if the above is true: giving might heal yourself too.


Source of illustrated quote:

illustrated poetry by My soul soup, via Pinterest.


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