40 Day Devotional: Day 14: Grace



Every year I watch an animated video about Jesus’ death and resurrection when Easter is approaching. It always painfully touches me with the raw truth of Jesus BIG love and sacrifice for us on the cross.
I have a life because of this undeserved grace.
Even though the song is in Dutch, the animation is very clear.
Hoping you will be touched by it as well.
You can watch it by clicking this link:
Your grace is enough for me.


If you want to read the complete story of Easter, you can do so here.

One thought on “40 Day Devotional: Day 14: Grace

  1. Hi Ester, Ik zag net het lied: Uw genade is mij genoeg. Ook Markus 14-16 heb ik online gelezen in het Nederlands.

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