40 Day Devotional: Day 32: Giving

ImageGiving makes my heart sing

Giving a smile, giving time, giving attention, giving compliments, giving a thoughtful gift, giving lovely words. It can be a drop of positivity and love in the big ocean of this sick, cruel and fallen world (just listen to the 8 o’clock news to know the latter is true).


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40 Day Devotional: Day 34: Loving others

Vincent van Gogh, via Pinterest

Tonight I shared a wonderful meal with 2 friends and we shared our joys and difficulties with each other. How wonderful it is to share of the love I am so freely given.
Feeling blessed and grateful.

John 15:12 GNB

My commandment is this: love one another, just as I love you.

Peace and blessings.

40 Day Devotional: Day 37: Creativity


During this time of Lent, I’m already reaping the fruits of spending less time on social media than I did before.
Above is a watercolor painting I painted during my retreat. I just asked myself the question: what would the little Ester like to paint now? The answer was: ‘Happy birds in bright colors!’
And so I did.
I feel really happy when I’m creating: painting writing, taking pictures etc., because
a) I’m wired that way
b) My God is a very creative God! He made everything out of nothing. The ultimate creative act! And I believe I am made in His likeness.

#true images via Pinterest

To think about
What kind of creative activities did you love as a child?
Maybe it’s time to pick it up again!
Shut down your computer and make some art 😉

Via pinterest

Focus of 2013: Creativity!

Amanda Cherie

My focus for 2013 is: getting more creative!

The past year I’ve been looking inward, searching for ways to be more balanced and self-loving, dealing with fear and procrastination and from there reaching outward in love to others, rekindling old relationships.
I regularly wrote about the benedictine monks and their daily practices, which inspired me and led me to interesting insights about time, setting priorities and being mindful and grateful.

I also found out that from silence comes balance and serenity which in turn gives birth to inspiration and creativity.

Here’s a sneak peak at ways in which I want to
BE more creative and DO more creative things regularly in the new year:

1) Chihuahua A Day


On the first of January I started my Chihuahua A Day project on Instagram. I love taking little snapshots of pretty things and animals, making a cute little virtually framed ‘painting’ out of them. It makes me feel joyful and gets my creative juices flowing!
And who would be better and prettier to portray than my precious blonde 10 pound chihuahua Kiara.

2) Writing regularly with low thresholds

via Pinterest: etsy.com

In 2012 I have learned an invaluable tool in my battle against perfectionism and fear based procrastination: setting encouragingly low thresholds to start an activity: committing to write at least 1 line a day. Possibly more, but one is enough and is just as big an accomplishment as writing whole page.
I’m learning that there are shades of grey between black and white.
I apply this to my blog writing as well as other activities and tasks. A true breakthrough for me!

3) Creative prayer and meditation

via Pinterest: benedictinemonks.co.uk

I also want to get more creative in my prayer and meditation.
Recently I got a lot of helpful hints from different sources suggesting I can pay or meditate as I am. Everybody is made unique, so why do I think I have to pray or meditate in the same way as other, completely different people and that there’s even a right or wrong way to do it?

What freedom lies in that notion!

4) Following the Artist’s Way image
I’m also planning to follow Julia Cameron’s widely acclaimed program: the Artist’s Way, in the new year. Just like a whole lot of (aspiring) artists, I deal with a lot of negative self talk and assumptions about myself, my work and my potential. The Artist’s way deals with that, in a very gentle and encouraging manner, by means of weekly assignments and encouragement.

I cannot wait to share my progress (not perfection 🙂 with you all!

Do you have a creative focus for 2013 as well? Let me know! Leave a comment below or contact me via:

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You can also follow my Chihuahua a Day project 365 via: www.instagram.com/esterkaren or http://www.tumblr.com/blog/simple-inspiredliving

Love, peace and happy newyear!