40 Day Devotional starting tomorrow

40 Day Devotional series

Tomorrow I will be starting a 40 day devotional series for the time leading up to Easter.
Simple, spiritual, inspired/devoted and ‘silent’ living is not something that comes naturally in this hectic day and age.

I want to primarily use these weeks to get a better focus on God, but wherever you are on your spiritual journey or even quest, I believe taking time out of your day to reflect and be still can be beneficial for anyone.  

I also hope to minimize some behaviors that are detrimental to my overall focus and walk with God.
I’m thinking of greatly minimizing my social media presence* to cancel out the static and making more time for things that really matter to me, like creating (writing, painting, taking photos), reading ‘real’ books and of course meditating and praying.
So keep an eye out for the first post in the series tomorrow.

Wishing you a fruitful 40 day period or Lent this year.

Let me know your intentions for this time and what you’re considering to ‘fast’ on. (in the comments below.)



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