Spiritual toolbox part 7: the Daily Audio Bible

How hard can it be to stick to my inspirational Bible reading everyday! No time, too tired, no patience, bad concentration, ‘naah, I don’t want to read the line of descendants, or Leviticus: it’s all too tedious!’ and the biggest deception: I can live my life in my own strength, I don’t really need this old book anyway…

Since 2006, I have been listening to the Daily Audio Bible (DAB) on the internet or on my mp3-player or iPod. Lying in bed, listening to Brian Hardin reading the Bible to me, with his slightly husky, friendly and soothing voice to a backdrop of calming meditational music and adding great little devotionals at the end of each podcast.

I witnessed the DAB growing from being one guy behind a mic with a few hundred listeners, to a movement of faith, community and mission with the daily Scripture reading in its epicenter.
Currently there are DAB podcasts in English, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish…DAB podcast for kids (English) and DAB Proverbs.
So many lives are being touched continuously and increasingly by the Word of God. Prayer is going around the world around the clock via the Windfarm‘, the prayer and worship network of DAB (with a radio channel).
The internet forums are lively and crowded with people from all over the world, every nation, every tongue praying for each other, giving out encouragement and hope, spreading the gospel to one another, being family.

God is using the internet and new technologies for His glory. Brian just obeyed, when God told him in 2005 to go podcast the Bible.

Daily Audio Bible and its community have meant so much in my life, but suddenly, 1,5 years ago I stopped listening and my faith life had reached a very dry season. I withdrew slowly from Jesus and my life became increasingly self-destructive and painful. Something had to change.
A few months ago I started praying again and reading some snippets of the Bible, it was a good start…

A few weeks ago I got an email from an American DAB family member asking me to organize a DAB family get-together at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam (where I live), because Brian and his awesome wife Jill would be having a lay-over before returning to their home in the US, as well as Mike and Jason from the mission’s team. They were just returning from a mission in Africa.

And so it happened. It was a truly warm and inspirational and loving encounter with the DAB leader Brian and I also loved meeting awesome sister Jill for the first time. She is an amazing singer (Jill Parr – Me again) and her lyrics have helped me through many times.
Humble, loving, caring and sweet I found the both of them.

Family members from all across Europe flew in or drove by: from Scotland, England, Germany and the Netherlands.
Instantaneous connection took place, hugs were exchanged.

It was short but sweet!

I am so happy to be part of this community (again)! Yesterday I recommitted to listening to the DAB podcast. I was walking with my dog along a typical Dutch landscape: water, windmills (Windfarm!) and grass, with a backdrop of a fiery, passionately red sunsetting glow spun out across the sky.
I felt the Holy Spirit really living in me and moving me once again, washing over me and rekindling in me the love of Jesus and His living Word.

You won’t regret it if you’ll give it a try to listen.
Go to www.dailyaudiobible.com

‘After a week you’ll notice something shifting inside. After a month you’ll WANT to be in the Bible. After a year you won’t look in the mirror and see the same person. You will have been changed from the inside out.’

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“Virtual” friendship?

“Celebrate when you do blog or do your weekly review, instead of feeling guilty when you don’t.”
Augusto Pinaud

So here I am guys. Hello again!

This Monday I had a fabulous meeting with my friend Tara Rodden Robinson and her husband Douglas from Oregon U.S.
She’s also known as the Productivity Maven and contributes to 2 podcasts @Context and GTD-Virtual Study Group. She is also a writer.

Critics claim that virtual community isn’t worth a can. That is all hot air…
I tell you what happened:

I met my so-called ‘virtual’ friend Tara and her husband on the famous Leidseplein in Amsterdam, when they were here for a lay-over. Instantly we felt like we just had coffee together the other week.
No virtual, just friendship.

We enjoyed our scrumptious lunch on the Keizersgracht, sitting on the terrace next to the canals, having a beer and a coffee, enjoying the sun and a little breeze. I felt as if we could talk on for hours, about our lives, productivity, passion and projects (her new books and my dancing and writing).
— But I ask you guys: who on earth invented jet lag? 🙂 —
After a few hours I brought them to their hotel to sleep – them being severely jet lagged –  and I went home, missing them already.

Did we meet before? Yes and no. We met through commenting on each other’s blogs, via Skype, telephone (she and Augusto Pinaud interviewed me for @Context, a great interview series about people using GTD) and e-mail.

So I’m missing them already, but hey: the world is so much smaller today: Twitter, Skype, I-chat, msn, Facebook, cheap long distance phone calls…
I look forward to the next time I will talk to them, although it might take a while to see them again and hug their necks.

So here’s a shout out to all you people who think Facebook-friends are a facade, the blogging community is fake, forum communities are not real enough:

Think again, times are changing, we are living in an era where we might know a nice Productivity Maven from Oregon better than our neighbor…

The world is real, Internet communities and friends are real if you only let them be.
Enjoy the digital relational revolution.

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