Welcome to inspiration and productivity

What is your passion?

I’ve got quite a few, but one thing that excites me is mixing and applying GTD and ZTD for a zesty blend of productivity, inspiration and change in my life.

Who inspire you?

I’ve got a lot of inspirators but let me name two of them:

  • David Allen, founder of the GTD (Getting Things Done) methodology and writer of Making it all Work.  See also http://www.davidco.com/
  • Leo Babauta, inventor of the GTD tweak Zen to Done, which is basically a tweaked version of GTD – GTD 2.0 if you like-  and founder of the blog Zen Habits, which is focused on (productivity, health or fitness) habit change and simplicity  and Write to Done, a blog on blogwriting.  See also http://zenhabits.net/

What can you expect in this blog?

  • my personal journey with
  1. GTD and ZTD (productivity and habit change)
  2. living a balanced life
  3. living an inspired, passionate and motivated life

When can you expect updates?

I plan to post a minimum of two times a week

Next time I will be sharing some things about my recent habit changing challenge: rising early and loving it!